Mission, vision and principles   |   From family business to international company

Spanish company that designs, produces and distributes custom made technical clothes and corporate work gear. We offer full innovative quality service supported by more than two decades of experience in our field.

Mission, vision and principles


Satisfy the needs of our clients through a business model that includes design customization and high tech work safety clothes development.


Since its foundation NELS has evolved towards a modern organization whose effort lies in satisfying its clients needs.


The value of every person and therefore their safety are the foundations of our philosophy. We base our daily activity in reliability and a job well done.

A job well done and trustworthiness

From family business to international company

NELS Work Safety is a trademark registered by Transduero S.L. founded in 1996 by the businessman and visionary Javier de la Fuente in the work safety sector.

Today the company is run by four of his sons: Julián, Joaquín, Javier and David (left to right)